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You make a part or the whole dress manufacturing process. You work with different programmable sewing machines while observing the quality and productivity criteria. We also offer ironing job careers.

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Respecting hygiene and security rules as well as production needs, you are in charge of the fabric stack. You also cut fabric using machines (automatic cutting, for instance). As part of your job, you check process, materials and products conformity to the requirements. Moreover, you carry out the preparation step concerning materials and equipments. Following requirement specifications, you check the quality of the product.
You organize the pattern and items position, you handle manual cutting equipment, you measure fabrics and you use cutting softwares.

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Leather craftsman

You carry out a part or the whole leather items production. Your work could focus on different production steps:

  • Leather cutting: identifying mistakes, placing leather iron punch, cutting
  • Leather trimming: thinning down the edge of the leather items
  • Preparation: preparing cut pieces, assembling leather components
  • Leather Stitching: assembling the different leather pieces to make a leather item, using sewing machines
  • Leather thread: making leather hot stamps using a leather iron
  • Leather working table: producing a part of a leather item, using the traditional working table methods
  • Checking stage: making sure that products are in accordance with quality regulation during and at the end of production

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Dress designer / Pattern maker

As a dress designer, starting from a sketch, using computer-based tools, you create a pattern and you develop the prototype which is the basis for the serial production. Your job is linked to the one of model maker.

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Model maker

You are in charge of the development of new designs. Working with dress designers, you ensure the continuous improvement of current designs. You work using technical sheet, you get the production ready, you assembly models. You are as well in charge of the finishing stage and you check product conformity.
Moreover, you create clothing manufacturing. Thanks to this, you acquire expert knowledge of different kinds of fabrics and machines.

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Method agent

You are in charge of the technical notice writing. You create instruction sheets aimed at production services. You make time-use researches and industrial rationalisation studies.
Moreover, you are in charge of new products and process tests.
Your job could lead you to carry out internal audits. You could as well manage the establishment and the maintenance of a time planning.
You lead the different internal and external participants to the production process.

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