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Our values

Excellence :

Excellence is at the core of our workshops’ production as well as the priority of our professionals. In the ateliers FIM we firstly care about our customers’ quality needs.
Thanks to the perfect know-how and to the handover of our expertise, our skilled workers are up to customers’ demands.


Innovation :

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, we are involved in the development of our services and equipments. In this way, we can meet our customers’ needs as well as the expectations of our teams while remaining stick to the handicraft values.


Commitment :

Our job is above all a passion. Our craftsmen are fully committed as they feel passionate about what they are creating. We believe in the fair recognition of this commitment, that is why we help to develop career projects and training plans. Moreover, we cherish profit-sharing and employees ownership.


Local approch :

For more than 20 years, he have focused our workshops on luxury subcontracting and we have been committed defender of the French savoir-faire.
All our workshops are in France as we have chosen to remain in our country. We are proud of having succeeded to preserve, then develop, Employment. Moreover, we preserve the fashion world on a local scale by supporting schools, promoting Handicraft Olympic Games as well as Job Centre and work health services.


Goodwill and critical mind :

We want to preserve these two main values that, according to us, go hand-in-hand. Critical mind is essential as we constantly need to improve, to innovate and to make our habits evolve. At the same time, in order to grow up, it is fundamental to develop caring and goodwill. This participates to the wellbeing of our employees, who are the guarantee of our durability.


Our history

  •   1986
    Pascal took over the Boussac Blizzand-Cyclone group. The firm, composed by 200 employees and situated in Fougères, was specialized in the production of sleeves as well as women’s and men’s sportswear.
    The activity was focused on the firm’s own right production (Blizzand and Cyclone brands) and under licence production (Maggy Rouff, Cardin, Céline, Révillon, etc.).
  •   1996
    Brands transfer: activity was refocused on luxury subcontracting sector under Les Ateliers FIM name.
  •   2000
    Pascal took over the Alloen Confection firm and created Luxe Océan Façon, a ready-to-wear workshop situated in Vannes.
  •   2006
    Jacques took over the Sicrie group from Mr. Bogrant, a shirt manufacture workshop located in Villemandeur and renamed it France Luxury Shirt.
  •   2007
    Pascal created a swimsuit unit in Fougères : Aqua Luxe.
  •   2008
    Jacques took over Textile Fléchois and created Conféction Fléchoise, assembly workshop situated in La Flèche. The previous firm employees were hired by the new company.
  •   2011
    Eric took over Aqua Luxe. Moreover, he created BFL which is a luggage and bags leather workshop situated in Fougères.
  •   2013
    Paul took over Albéa workshop (nowadays Femilux), based in Brûlon.
  •   2014
    Retirement of Pascal, Jacques took over the direction of men’s ready to wear activity.
  •   2015
    Paul took over the ELC (Ernée Luxe Confection) workshop situated in Ernée.
  •   2016
    Creation of AFM (Atelier Français De Maroquinerie) and of Cotecdeco (Embroidery).
  •   2017
    Creation of Confection d’Argent after the MARTY workshop buyout in Argent sur Sauldre.